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You can't just leave us.

She told the story as candidly as possible.

I woke up at three.

I want to teach you something.

Is the chicken local?

She prefers whole-grain cereals.

Nobody came.

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Has the sick child improved any?


We cannot help but admire his courage.

America once favored a policy of isolationism.

Nixon was caught lying because he bugged his own office.


Is that the way it really is?


Let's have a look.

I wasn't having fun.

Lucius just can't stop looking at Pilot.

Brender is learning.

She took a walk with her father this morning.

The time is ripe for action.

Pascal is sitting in one of the chairs.

Do you have internet access at home?

Carole might help you.

I'm worried that Tor will get hurt.

Tracey hasn't talked to her mother yet.

I heard that there were female snow spirits in Echigo, but I don't know whether it's true or not.

Mahmoud bought a small house on Park Street.


He knows how to captivate his audience.


He took an exhilarating walk along the riverside.

The boy likes to walk around the sombrero shop.

I will meet you at three o'clock tomorrow.

Many painful memories inhabited her mind.

Eugene showed it to me.


Your paper was excellent.

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I'll have him call you back.

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He explained that he hadn't written because he had lost our address.

Should he call me in my absence, please tell him that I will call him back.

Glen denied any guilt.

Shishir already went to bed.

Sergiu was blindfolded.

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They have enhanced security checks and are prepared for the worst.

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Stop apologizing.

Floria's in love with Emma's best friend.

You can always tell a man by the kind of woman that is with him.

He's too clingy.

That scares me every time I say it.

I am the tallest in our class.

Her repertoire on the piano is not very large, but she has learned every piece by heart.

This report was written by Curtis.

Kris was waiting for us.

I am not sure why he asked me that.

He said something.


After a certain point, everything became a little more difficult.

I'm gone.

I'm used to getting up early.


You'll feel cold.

Can you guess which cooler is the most efficient?

This is the dress I made last week.

Help me and I'll help Myrick.

Frank decided to submit his resignation.

I was the only one who survived.

He was soon acclimated to his new job.

She hit the nail on the head.

You need their support.

I don't know if it is true.

He dressed like a girl.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

There are some mistakes in your translation.

The records of our company show a large profit for the year.

Petr likes to listen to Kenn sing.

I'm just looking for my friends.

The applause grew to a roar when Pinocchio, the famous donkey, appeared in the circus ring.

We ought to be ready for whatever comes.

You don't have enough friends, do you?


My client is willing to make a deal.

After she had lunch, she got ready to go out.

How does it feel to be an only child?

Orly, Sunday. Parents take their children there to watch the departing planes.

Ernest says he wants to speak to you.


I must save the drowning child by all means.

Maybe we should go back to Boston.

Malpractice insurance is a contributing factor to the high cost of medical care.

She brought hers.

Where is Audrey going to go?

Is the name 'Shinosuke' a target for teasing?

We have a dog, a cat and three canaries.

Timothy and John both fell in love with Anatole.

Emmett was asleep in his room.

I met him.

They built it.

We've received thirteen complaints so far this week.

You may not be as lucky next time.

Do you have one a little bigger than these?

Just say whatever you want to say.

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It's all coming back to me.


I gave him an apple.

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Who do you think we are?

That wasn't here before.

The cat curled up in front of the fire.

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They used truth serum.

Leave her alone, please.

It was yesterday that Alice went to a concert.

You believe what I'm telling you, don't you?

We're waiting.

Is this the reason you didn't want me to come?

We elected her chairperson.


That's funny stuff.


Sign the guest book.

What's your favorite word?

He raised a problem.

Say that again.

I have to help Dennis.


I thought you wouldn't like sushi, but I liked it quite a lot.

What is the average height of the players?

I think that's all, unless you have any questions.

Someone is here to see you.

I saw Hsi's file.

Ozan is feeling really Christmassy.

The doctor seized the patient's hand and said: "So how do you feel today?"

I talk to her all the time.

Rogue didn't buy the tickets.

We can't accept all of these.

He is miles away.


The crowd poured out of the stadium.

This is a lot of fun, isn't it?

It was not long before the news came.

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Why can't you be nice for once?

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You're not related to me.

I want to go to Tehran.

I can do this alone.

Carole is one of the richest men in the world.

He is without doubt the most successful movie director in the world.

She went upstairs to her bedroom.

You're not like any other person I know.

There were many journalists who praised Ogawa with, "bravo, good show!"

Dan was fired from his job at the water company.


Keep your son from having his own way.


Why do you think that was?

There is very little paper left, so order some more.

I asked her to go to a movie with me.


Earl doesn't love Phillip.


The doorknob broke.


I have no home to return to.

Would you like us to leave?

I can barely keep up with the rest of the class.

That is not why I am here.

Plastic surgery alone will not make you any less ugly.


Those students are Korean.

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Shari is my ex-boyfriend.

This call maybe monitored or recorded for quality assurance or training purpose. How may I help you?

He married a girl that he chose for himself.

Did you like the book?

I'll be back in touch soon.

I don't know her that well.

I'm well today.

Honesty doesn't pay.

Will you leave this with me for a while?


Do you need time to think it over?

The Altamira cave is famous for its magnificent Paleolithic paintings.

Rise and shine!

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If you need help, I can help you.

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Please let me know the result by telephone.


I'm sure I know him from somewhere.

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Chuck has been found guilty.