Prakash has been very helpful.

My feet feel good.

I think we're going to need more umbrellas.

They held him for a few hours and then let him go free.

Nobody said anything for a long time.

Sedat parked in one of the empty spaces in front of the library.

Our sales are decreasing.

I think you need to go in person.

Please walk back a few steps.

When are the elections?

That sounds weird but it's true.

Very few people know what their blood group is.


Their sales are growing.


I can't think of anything else to say.

We need their support.

I look like Sally.

I think it necessary for him to stop smoking.

She seems to devote all her efforts to her career.

That's the reason I went to Boston.

I decided to ask for my friend's help.

She had a happy marriage with a teacher in September.

He looked him up and down.

Jane has auburn hair.

Let him go.

We're not supposed to do that.

Hitoshi is in hot water.

In my opinion, Twitter is a waste of time.

That is really a load off my mind.

Politeness is just a protocol that is different in every society.

I have two daughters and two sons.


Many birds are on the branch.

I know what people want.

We don't listen to each other enough.

They had to climb a wall six feet high.

The training of lions is very dangerous.

He's not my father.

Dion wanted to understand why Dannie didn't like him.

Is it white?

Do you really want to stay until Monday?

I didn't want Nicolas to leave.

Brandy said you were sick.

Millie has green eyes.

Your vaginal walls may thin a bit.

Paper was invented in China.

I thought you loved her.


You don't know where Ira's home is, do you?


Kyung drove across town to a supermarket that sold things at cheaper prices than the supermarket near his house.

The player was acclaimed by the fans.

The boy solved the simultaneous equation with ease.

This is the first time I've ever hung up my washing.

I can give you good health.


We are in agreement on this subject.

Researchers believe that discovery always comes like a bolt from the blue.

Let's go wake them up.

She did the best she could.

To do her justice, she is not plain.


Lorraine said you needed a haircut.

Is it necessary to change trains along the way?

Herbert stood up.

I'll have to have my camera repaired.

Seenu and I are in love with each other.

Where do they want me to put it?

Add the rice and cook gently until the grains begin to turn translucent.


Constantinople fell to the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1453.

Thank you very much for coming all the way to see me off.

I'm uneasy about donating blood.

One day I added a sentence in Esperanto and someone told me it wasn't what a native speaker would say.

I don't believe I've ever heard of her.

Taro drew 10,000 yen from the bank.

Archie looks sober.

Have you seen Hon's room?

He made little of his father's advice.


He had to commit the whole message to memory.

All our food was rotten.

Do you not know that it's impolite to ask a woman how old she is?


What'll Laurent think?

Write a sentence with three verbs.

"Noemi will pay you all the money I owe you." "You'd better hope so."

Are you a dog guy or a cat guy?

Of yore, when Confucius passed away, his subtle words were cut off, and when his seventy disciples died the transmission of their profound meaning diverged.

The ceiling fan is on.

We'll talk with him on Monday.

It's about time we had some warm weather.

I think it's a possibility.

Would you at least consider my plan?

The purchase is on the company's account.

I wear boxers.

I'd like a cheeseburger and a coke.


Mechael fell asleep in class.


Aoi is a very good dancer.

That is not my line.

I wonder what time it is.


Have you seen Kory without glasses before?

What did you wear?

We are in on the project.

(267) 526-6056

Vladislav collected coffee cups.

(562) 863-4190

Take this pill. It will help you sleep.


I'm going to Boston with them.

5000 yuan is a lot of money.

Connie doesn't have a fever.

Timo and Owen glared at each other.

Jose walked into his apartment.

(414) 524-9674

He is much concerned about the future of the country.

(740) 888-9867

The hill used to be covered in snow.


We sang Christmas songs in the car all the way to Axel's house.

I'm paying for everything.

I look down on liars and cheats.


I'm curious about one thing.

Hank has a scar on his stomach.

Which one of Japan's historical characters do you identify yourself with?


Do you think I care?

Murthy looked up at the stars.

All voices were extinguished in the climax.


We'll take that under consideration.

Toerless may not be busy.

Are you sure, Dwayne?

What are we going to talk about?

I feel that Tatoeba has become a very warm and cozy place for us language lovers; especially for all those of us who can grasp and learn languages relatively easily and quickly.

Cristi must choose the second-best policy according to the circumstances.

I cannot approve your plan.


What didn't you like about us?


Kit looks a bit tired.


Do you think we should do it?

I have some friends.

We've been dating for three months now.

Has someone died?

Under the table was a black cat.


This sparrow can't fly. Its wings are broken.


For ten florins, I send a series of stamps.

You grew up around here, didn't you?

I don't intend to marry him.

Pick me up at 2:30.

I'll find someone.

As for the new project, I disagree with you.

She has her faults, but I like her.

I think maybe I can help.

Do I need a shot?


Tobias and Janos were also in the room.


Please give us your side of the story.


He has Alzheimer's.

I've got to get out of Boston.

We must act now.


At first, I mistook you for your brother.


There's an exception to every rule.

I'm sorry to call you so late at night.

You're freaky.


I slept like a baby.


Don't be so unpleasant with your sister, Anthony.

Are there many cowsheds in this village?

Have they announced the court's decision yet?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

She resembles her mother in every respect.

The water is cold.

Edward's mood has changed.

It's not as great as it used to be.

There isn't one available.


Dan quickly adjusted to life at the summer camp.


What if the problem isn't them?


They have no house to live in at all.

That's fun.

My sister is majoring in developmental psychology.

All information is taken from public sources.

I entrusted my property to the lawyer.